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MÅNI started  as an idea by Susanne Ununger 6 years ago. Susanne went through a period of illness  which fundamentally changed her outlook on life and health. On the more superficial level, a desire grew to feel both beautiful and comfortable in durable and etchical swimwear that suited her body.  

"Breast cancer in my early 30s left me with both scars, asymmetry and damaged skin after radiation. When my family and I were finally able to leave the most intense part of the treatment behind us, we wanted to travel. In vain I looked for swimwear that I could feel like myself in, that suited me, my style and my age. "

Susanne altered swimwear from her existing wardrobe before the trip, but the dream of creating swimwear and sun protection clothing  for women who felt like her lived on.   

Now Susanne and her team at MÅNI creates swimsuits and sun protection sweaters in recycled materials of the highest quality from Italy and with sewing made in Portugal.  

"The swimsuits are cut with a focus on both comfort and femininity. They fit the entire female body, they  also contains padding, prostheses, scars or melanoma. The so called "Rash Guard" is the perfect garment for water sports but also for us women to be able to spend more hours out in the sun without risking damaging our skin while feeling beautiful and comfortable. "


And the name MÅNI, that's the Nordic name we gave the moon long before our time ...


"No matter its shape, size or color, the moon, and my body,  are always beautiful "


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